Helping Sarah

Oct 05 2021
Sarah, with her family, is currently fighting breast cancer. We are proud to have helped her with a little something to improve her quality of life...

Website Launched for Breast Cancer Australia

Oct 07 2018
We are very excited that we have launched our WEBSITE! Breast Cancer Australia is a non-profit trust established primarily to raise funds to...


Breast Cancer Australia receives no government funding, and relies on the generosity of the public. Donations can be made in person, via post, by direct deposit or BPay, or by credit card.

Should you wish to donate via cheque or money order, please refer to our Contact Us page for the most appropriate address to post your kind donation.

Direct deposit and BPay donations can be made into our bank account using your own online banking. Please contact us for the necessary account details and/or reference numbers.

For credit card donations, please phone us on 1300 850 551, to ensure security of your confidential details.

In Memoriam

If you have recently lost someone, and would like to make a donation to Breast Cancer Australia, please contact us on 1300 850 551.

A receipt will be sent to each donor, and a letter will also be sent to the next-of-kin, informing them of the gifts left in honour of their loved one.

If you would like to request that guests at a funeral give donations in lieu of flowers or gifts, please phone us so that we can send our specially designed donation envelopes to you to offer to your guests. Please be aware that we post these envelopes from our administration office in Adelaide, so generally require two days' notice.


Leaving a donation in your will is the ultimate gift that you can give. Please ask your solicitor to include Breast Cancer Australia amongst the beneficiaries in your will. If you would like further guidance or assistance, please contact us by email or phone 1300 850 551.

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